Our Story

Molly Brown, Grace + Bloom Co.

Hi, I'm Molly!

I'm the owner of Grace + Bloom Co, and the maker of all of the products you find here.



          ...to your mental health and quality of life.


   My mission is to provide you with fun products that make you feel good, that make your home a little more beautiful, and that make it smell great!

Every product I make is specifically designed to make your surroundings cozier and more beautiful, to make where you are smell wonderful and look great, and to make you feel pampered, loved, and special.

When you're going through a hard time or having a stressful day, sometimes little things like cozy candles or fun bath products can make a huge difference in your mood, so I have made it my goal to create products that make you feel happier and that lift your spirits.


I love creating scents that evoke good feelings and happy memories.


I love that the candles and melts I make, which are made from 100% soy wax and are completely vegan, have such a long burn time, are free of toxins and are environmentally friendly while supporting American soy farmers. 

I love that because I make these candles in my home workshop, my house always smells lovely, so I know yours will too. :) I love making bath and body products that smell amazing, are good for your skin and for your soul, and that will give you the most wonderful experience possible!

And finally, I love getting to know my beautiful customers, so please feel free to follow me on Instagram and Facebook and say hello! Have a question or a scent or product request? Email me anytime!


Instagram: @grace.and.bloom

Pinterest: Grace + Bloom Co.

Email: molly@grace-and-bloom.com

Etsy: GraceBloomCo






(me in the shop where all of the products are created)