Candle Scents

Candle Scent Descriptions

Year Round Scents:

COFFEE SHOP: hazelnut coffee, fresh pastries, cool cream

GREEN TEA LEMONGRASS: a spa-like scent with the calming essence of green tea and citrus with a heart of jasmine, violet, lavender, and orange flowers.

LAVENDER VANILLA: fresh floral lavender blended with creamy vanilla - a very peaceful scent.

WEDDING CAKE: (only available in the small size) sweet vanilla cake with whipped buttercream frosting swirls

WELCOME HOME: An inviting scent that welcomes you with warm scents of a wood fire, something delicious baking in the oven, and a hint of brandied pear

CHAMPAGNE: Sweet vine-ripened grapes, romantic glasses of bubbly celebration 

FRESH AIR & LINEN: sweet spring grasses, violets, and daisies, fresh laundry drying in the sun

LOVE STORY: a sexy and sophisticated cocktail of blackberry, cool whipped cream, and soft patchouli.



Fall & Holiday Scents

F A L L :

*AUTUMN MORNING: traditional apple cider notes with the tart kick of fresh pomegranate; infused with natural essential oils- including cardamom, nutmeg, and orange.

*WARM PUMPKIN BREAD: cozy fragrances of pumpkin, warm spices, and caramelized walnuts.

*FALLEN LEAVES: this scent smells exactly like a walk through the woods, surrounded by crunchy dried oak leaves and pine needles.

*COZY CABIN:  comforting scents of pine cones, spruce trees, cedar wood, a roaring bonfire, a touch of cinnamon


H O L I D A Y :

*EVERGREEN: a bright, wintery blend of pine needles, cypress, and eucalyptus, with a base of tonka bean and birch tar. 

*PEPPERMINT COCOA: Steaming hot chocolate, stirred with a peppermint stick

*CINNAMON ROLLS: a spicy sweet treat, drizzled with a cream cheese glaze

*SOFT FLANNEL: scents of clean cotton, smoked amber, and sandalwood. A little masculine, a little sweet, totally delightful!



Spring/Summer Scents:

*CITRUS ROSE: (not currently available) soft pink rose with the brightness of lemon verbena, juicy apple, and warm sunshine. 

*BRIDAL BOUQUET: (only available in small size) roses, lilacs, and fresh florals balanced by garden greenery and fresh mint.

*LIME IN THE COCONUT: (not currently available) take a virtual vacation with this blend of two summertime scents

*LEMON POUND CAKE: (not currently available) lemon zest, rich vanilla cake, and a powdered sugar glaze.

*GRAPEFRUIT + MINT: (not currently available)  sugared pink grapefruit is complemented by refreshing garden mint in this sweetly tart summertime scent. 


*only available seasonally, while supplies last