Candle Scents

Here is a list of candle scents to help you make your choice! Seasonal scents aren't always available every season. Check the individual listing for the available scents. If you see a scent you'd like to try that isn't for sale, send me a message - I would love to make something just for you!


Year-Round Scents:

COFFEE SHOP: roasted coffee beans and espresso swirl together with whipped cream and buttercream-drizzled vanilla scones.

GREEN TEA LEMONGRASS: a spa-like scent with the calming essence of green tea and citrus with a heart of jasmine, violet, lavender, and orange flowers.

LAVENDER VANILLA: fresh floral lavender blended with creamy vanilla - a very peaceful scent.

WELCOME HOME: An inviting scent that welcomes you with warm scents of a wood fire, something delicious baking in the oven, and a hint of brandied pear

CHAMPAGNE: Sweet vine-ripened grapes, romantic glasses of bubbly celebration 

LOVE STORY: a sexy and sophisticated cocktail of blackberry, cool whipped cream, and soft patchouli.  


Spring/Summer Scents:

BERRY SMOOTHIE: fresh strawberries and blueberries are blended with vanilla yogurt and a splash of cream for a cool and indulgent treat. 

HERB GARDEN: a savory blend of fresh garden herbs, including rosemary, sage, sweet basil, tomato leaves, and mint. This scent is refreshing and green and a little unexpected. Burn it in your kitchen to bless your home with the scents of a sun-warmed herb garden.
LEMON GINGER: sweet lemon verbena gets a burst of energy from the spicy kick of freshly grated ginger in this bright and happy scent. 
SUNDAY BRUNCH: picture a lazy morning where no one has anything urgent to do, nowhere to be. The comforting scents of blueberry pancakes drizzled with buttery maple syrup hang in the air and all is right with the world.

WILDFLOWER BOUQUET: roses, lilacs, and fresh florals balanced by garden greenery and fresh mint.

FRESH AIR & LINEN: sweet spring grasses, violets, and daisies, fresh laundry drying in the sun 

BLOOMING ROSE: a soft, dreamy blend of romantic pink roses and the slightest hint of lilies and white chrysanthemum.

PEACH ICED TEA: smells like a tall glass of southern iced tea with a hint of sweet summer peach. Infused with essential oils of jasmine, bergamot, mandarin, lemon, and ginger for an upscale, yet natural-smelling scent.

COUNTRY CLOTHESLINE: line-dried laundry billowing in a breeze that carries scents of violet, lily of the valley, iris, and cotton blossom. A fresh and inviting scent, perfect for bringing the sweet scents of the outdoors inside.


Fall Scents

CARAMEL APPLE: crisp fall apples dipped in sweet, creamy caramel

SWEATER WEATHER: warm and cuddly with rich notes of rum, musk, tonka bean, and oud wood just like a big, comfy sweater.

PUMPKIN LATTE: the perfect blend of freshly brewed coffee and pumpkin pie.

AUTUMN MORNING: chilled apple cider with the tart kick of fresh pomegranate juice; infused with natural essential oils- including cardamom, nutmeg, and orange.

PUMPKIN DONUT: cozy fragrances of sugared donuts, warm pumpkin spices, and toasted marshmallow.

FALLEN LEAVES: crispy, crunchy dried oak leaves, pine needles, and autumn air

WARM PUMPKIN BREAD: cozy fragrances of pumpkin, warm spices, and caramelized walnuts.

FALLEN LEAVES: this scent smells exactly like a walk through the woods, surrounded by crunchy dried oak leaves and pine needles.

COZY CABIN:  comforting scents of pine cones, spruce trees, cedar wood, a roaring bonfire, a touch of cinnamon


Winter + Holiday Scents

VANILLA PEAR: ripe, juicy pear blends with the smooth indulgence of aged vanilla. A beautiful balance of natural freshness and mouthwatering sweetness

a cozy blend of woodsmoke, warm clove, sandalwood, amber and smoky burnt cedarwood. This one smells like a crackling fire when it burns!

warm and cuddly with rich notes of rum, musk, tonka bean, and oud wood just like a big, comfy sweater.

a bright, wintery blend of pine needles, cypress, and eucalyptus, with a base of tonka bean and birch. A great scent for Christmas, but also a lovely evergreen fragrance to last all winter long.

this delightful candle smells like a mug of steaming hot chocolate stirred with a peppermint stick! Rich cocoa and hints of coffee bean blend with mint and vanilla sugar for the yummiest fragrance ever!

CINNAMON ROLLS: a spicy sweet treat, drizzled with a cream cheese glaze

SOFT FLANNEL: scents of clean cotton, smoked amber, and sandalwood. A little masculine, a little sweet, totally delightful! 


Minimalist Collection: only available in the large tumbler candles with a classy minimal design to fit into any decor


This Too Shall Pass: give yourself space to let go of anxiety and stress with a flickering candle scented in Palo Santo wood, warm amber and soft musk. Let the soothing, creamy, woodsy scent surround you as you practice the self-care routine of meditation and prayer.

Let's Stay Home: enjoy the warmth of soft blankets, comfy pajamas, coziness, and home with the lazy day scents of clean cotton, smoked amber, and sandalwood.

Merry + Bright: a refreshing blend of tart cranberry and juicy orange, balanced by creamy vanilla and tonka bean.

Fresh-Cut Frasier: set a fun holiday mood or give your rooms a cozy ambiance for a quiet night at home with the scents of balsam fir, mild citrus, and earthy moss.

Home for the Holidays: a festive blend of eggnog, roasted chestnuts, spicy clove and nutmeg, warm vanilla, and caramel - the perfect scents to enjoy on a cozy winter evening while wrapping gifts and listening to your favorite tunes.

Grey Afternoon: perfect for lazy weekends with a good book, scented with amber, warm woods, and tobacco for a purely cozy mood. 



 CINDERS + SPICE: toasted marshmallows, spiced pumpkin donuts, and wood smoke

THE ANCIENT WOOD: a terrifying book setting, complete with scents of damp moss, decaying timber, and embers from an abandoned campfire

WINE CELLAR: a fragrant blend of sweet red wine and mellowed oak barrels in a cool cellar full of old bottles.

ORANGE + CHILI PEPPER: An unexpected but irresistible mix of juicy orange and the kick of spicy cayenne pepper.

DEAD OF NIGHT: Midnight cocktails, black currant, vanilla orchid, and dark amber -- sultry and mysterious, this scent is made for film noir, for reading exciting novels of intrigue and adventure

COFFEE HOUSE: Your home can smell just like your favorite coffee shop, where the fragrances of toasted hazelnuts and espresso mingle nicely with chilled cream and those pastries...mmm mmm.

FLANNEL SHIRT: Like a well-muscled gentleman wearing a soft flannel shirt, this scent is very masculine while also being warm and sweet. Notes of creamy vanilla and rich amber are followed by undertones of sandalwood, smoked leather, and musk.

THE GENTLEMAN'S STUDY: A complex yet sophisticated mix of comfortable leather chairs, strong coffee, old books, and woodsmoke

FIRESIDE: familiar notes of smoke and wood with flickers of warm clove, amber, sandalwood, and patchouli. It is such a cozy and comforting scent, and with its softly crackling wood wick, it’s the next best thing to actually relaxing by a fire.

MAPLE BOURBON: Smooth Kentucky bourbon is blended with sweet maple sugar in this boozy scent. If you are a bourbon lover, or you need a gift for a bourbon lover, this scent is just what you're looking for

WOODSMAN: With the scents of dried oak leaves, cedarwood, and pine needles, you can enjoy the fragrances of the great outdoors - indoors!

CABIN: A cozy mix of woodsmoke, Frasier fir, birch, pine, and a hint of cinnamon

CAMPFIRE BREAKFAST: Delicious scents of blueberry pancakes being cooked over a smoky campfire, maple syrup ready to pour over the stack of steaming flapjacks.